Our Mission

“To be a dynamic, non-compromising, spirit-filled church that is committed to relevancy and provides our generation with a source of meaningful direction which impacts our county and beyond.” 

  • Dynamic church describes our commitment to be a people who are marked by productive activity and creative energy in bringing people to Jesus Christ.   
  • Non-compromising describes our commitment to our vision and to the underlying biblical principles that have given our fellowship its meaning and life. 
  • Spirit-filled identifies our belief that the inspiration of the Spirit of God is essential in every sphere of life and ministry, to ensure excellence, motivation, and success.
  • Committed to relevancy means that we are dedicated to communicating the Gospel in ways that are significant and pertinent within our own cultural context.
  • Provides our generation with a source of meaningful direction indicates out commitment to help each individual find fulfillment in their Christianity and function in their God given gifts.  
  • Impacts our county and beyond describes our belief that what grows out of our own understanding as a community of faith will have prophetic implications in our own county and around the world.