Welcome Ministry (Hospitality Team)

We are known by many names, BUT we are mostly known for our warm welcome

each Sunday Morning before service. 

Opening the doors, to a cheerful smile, to the kind acknowledgement given to each who comes through the door. 

We greet all and any new persons coming to our church for the first time.

We try to pull them aside to give them a ‘Welcome gift’ and ask a little about them.

so they can feel our heart, before going into the sanctuary.

We let them know to fill out the card for a call for further information.

Where the coffee bar is and if they have kids where the different ages go for their classes after worship music.

It’s nice to be able to give them the attention and show them the children rooms,

and point out the teachers if they are around.

We have a wonderful team of folks,

and are always looking to grow the team to share in the joy of being a part of something for God.

Our team members as of are Ernest Jones, Christine Gray, George and Mary McDermott, Merlinda Craig, John and Julie Stutts  and Bill & Dee Burbano.